Hi there!  I specialize in providing video services to the theatrical community, here in the Bay Area and beyond.

As a video producer and editor based in the East Bay area of California, I work independently on a project to project basis.  I have worked on films, documentaries, theatrical promos, music videos, events, and actor self-taping. Take a look at my Films page for some samples of my work.


"In this business, there are many things outside of an actor's control. Your self-tape isn't one of them." - Me

There is an increasing trend in the theater industry towards self tape submissions for a first round of casting, or even as a substitute for in room auditions. And yes, a director, or casting director, can sometimes look past technical flaws in the self tape (if the performance is strong enough), but the truth is it can be distracting trying to gauge the quality of a performance when there are glaring technical issues, the shot is poorly framed, or the audio has issues. Truth is, a professionally shot self tape does predispose a viewer to take the actor submitting more seriously.  

Minimally, your self tape should make it feel like you're right there in the room with them, giving your best take. Ideally, it should make you pop.

I work with professional equipment calibrated to capture every nuance of your performance, with beautifully diffused, natural, balanced lighting, and a hollywood-grade audio setup that will make your voice sound as rich and full as it does in real life.  Add to that professional color grading and compression, and you'll have an end result you'll be proud to submit.

"Adam is amazing! He really makes sure you are doing your BEST self-tape and gives such great feedback in order to ensure that you do well."

- Micheal P.


Video Production - $85/hr


In my studio, I work in blocks of 1 hour. My studio rate is $85 per session hour* or fraction thereof.  If you are doing monologues or sides, I don't charge for editing and post production, so you only need to factor in studio time.

In most cases, an hour is enough time to capture the best take. Turnaround is usually within a two to three hours. You'll receive a link to your audition clip (including title card and slate, if requested).

I’ll also be your reader, if you don’t have one - just please remember to bring an extra script for me!

Editing & Post Production - $50/hr

If you have existing material that you would like edited together into a reel, or just need some help in post, I'm available for general editing tasks.

* I have to make an exception if you cannot come to my studio in Richmond Annex. If I need to come to you, there is a bit more involved with transporting and setup of equipment. 


"Everything about Adam's videography is excellent - the quality of the work, the interpersonal element and his ability to navigate environments getting what he needs without being imposing." - Michael M.

Creating a quality trailer has become an indispensable part of marketing your theatrical production. A great promo video can be used very effectively on social media, email blasts and newsletters, and can do wonders in creating a sense of excitement about your production. 

There are no hard and fast rules to what a promo should be.  It can be a simple sequence of scenes from the show, or something stylistic and evocative with no footage at all. Or it can be centered around interviews with the directors or actors.

Much depends on your production cycle. For example, with Ubuntu, they often bring in costumes and set pieces very late in the rehearsal process. When I did my first promo for them, for Long Day's Journey into Night, I knew I would only have footage of early rehearsals.  So I recorded interviews with the director, Michael Moran, about what he was envisioning the production to be, and combined that with the footage I took, and it became a portrait of a show in early stages of formation.  

For the next show, Mahābhārata, we set up two recording sessions - one in early rehearsal, and one late. There would be no costumes ready, but the set was semi-complete, and they were starting to work  under show lights. We had some amazing minds at work on this show and I was lucky enough to have the writer present, so I set up some interviews, and based the promo around those. The result was fascinating.

Macbeth was another down to the wire affair. Due to various constraints, I wasn't able to get principle shots done until the final dress rehearsal.  The good thing about that was I had the actors in full costume and under show lights - the tough thing was I had 24 hours to turn the whole thing around before opening!

Luckily I had set up times for interviews earlier in the process, so when it was getting down to crunch time I could just float around out of the way and capture my footage.


Showreels are still with us, although they have changed a lot since the 90s. Today, casting directors don't want a lot of flash and dazzle, or long montages over royalty free muzak.  They want to see you acting.

A good showreel should be 2 minutes or less, start with a basic title card, and jump right into your most impressive scene immediately.

I'll work with the material you have to make you look as polished and presentable as possible. You'd be amazed what a little post production can do to even the most amateur student film footage!


Editing & Post Production - $50/hr

Most reels take 2 to 3 hours to compile.  Exceptions are when the footage requires a lot of repair due to poor audio or lighting - I'll be up front with you about what's needed after reviewing your footage. 


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