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Freelance Videography, Coaching & Training

"I am truly so lucky to have had Adam be such an integral part of my actor training. I have been able to access a part of my creativity that would never have been known had I not gotten to be in Adam's class" - Rachel Morrison, actor

"Adam is phenomenal. The skills I acquired from his teaching have allowed me to approach self-tape auditions with confidence. I used to worry about the technical aspects of the taping process. Now, I am able to focus solely on the acting and know that everything else is under control! Thank you Adam!" - Brian Patterson, actor



A videographer's job is to wear all hats.  I’m responsible for every aspect of the production cycle, from concept and storyboarding, to capturing video and audio, to post production - color correction and audio mixdown. In my two decades as a videographer, I've produced everything from promotional materials, narrative film and documentaries, to comic shorts and music videos.   

Throughout the course of shelter-in-place, I’ve been working primarily in remote video, producing showcases for ACT, Columbia University, The New School and Brown/Trinity.  For these, I worked entirely remotely, training the actors on the equipment, running the set, editing and producing the final product:

I also specialize in theatrical promos.  Heres a teaser of my recent work:

Coaching & Training

​Three years ago, my colleague Lauren English and I founded The Actor Online, a training program for actors to help them master the tools and skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly online world, from self-taping auditions, to creating their own creative content, to mastering social media for networking and self-promotion. I teach cinematography skills, storyboarding, editing, and audio mixing, among other things.


Reach out to me if you're interested either in personal one-on-one training, or if you'd like to find out more about our Master Series course!  


Auditions & Monologues

Sometimes you've got a big audition and you simply don't want to be bothered with the complexities of self-taping. You just want a powerful, cinematic quality tape created for you that will knock their socks off.


I do same-day turnaround auditions in my Berkeley studio, or in your own home. In less than an hour, I can capture your best work, and get you a final product within hours. 

Check out some of my work!

Online Classes

My new flagship course on self-taping is now available on!

It's called The Self-Tape On-Demand Master Class, and you can read more about it on


Personality Slates

Personality slates are a new way for influencers, entrepreneurs and corporate thought leaders to establish and shape their online presence.

Basically, it's a trailer all about you, and the principles which guide you.  It's a way to help people understand the essence of the person you want to put forward online.

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