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Danyon Davis, Former Director of the MFA Program at American Conservatory Theater

Adam is an an incredible artist, an expert technician, and a gifted teacher. Adam was instrumental in helping our acting school to update our curriculum and reframe our learning objectives throughout the pandemic by equipping our students with digital production skill sets now required for entering the field. Adam also distinguished himself nationally when he served as director of photography for our video industry showcases in 2020 & 2021 when the shelter-in- place orders prevented our actors and crew from assembling in the same place.


Lisa Ramirez, Playwright/Screenwriter/

Adam is an incredible filmmaker, videographer, and editor. He has created a few previews of theatre projects I have been involved in and filmed and edited entire shows for streaming purposes. He is a true collaborator and goes far and beyond in creating what I asked for. I say beyond because what Adam does is make it better than I originally imagined in my mind.


Michael Socrates Moran
Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Director, Oakland Theater Project

Adam Elder is exceptional. Adam knows how to get the best out of people. He is incredibly sensitive to the needs of a room, knows how to kindly draw out wonderful interviews and can roll with any difficulty presented in the most turbulent of circumstances. He is a dream collaborator that both knows how to collaborate in the process and execute on a final product with extraordinary results. Adam's ability to edit together a sharp, bracing and exciting video that captures the goals of the company, artists and collaborators is at the top of his field. I have had the pleasure of working with Adam for a number of years and his trailer videos (one of the many kinds of videography he had done for us) not only serve a marketing function but genuinely move our audiences. And, what's more, I often have the experience of seeing Adam's work and realizing that he captured what we meant to say instead of what we actually said. I cannot recommend him highly enough and believe anyone would be lucky to employ his services and talents for your personal film project or organizational needs.

"I am truly so lucky to have had Adam be such an integral part of my actor training. I have been able to access a part of my creativity that would never have been known had I not gotten to be in Adam's class" - Rachel Morrison, actor

"Adam is phenomenal. The skills I acquired from his teaching have allowed me to approach self-tape auditions with confidence. I used to worry about the technical aspects of the taping process. Now, I am able to focus solely on the acting and know that everything else is under control! Thank you Adam!" - Brian Patterson, actor


Auditions & Monologues

Sometimes you've got a big audition and you simply don't want to be bothered with the complexities of self-taping. You just want a powerful, cinematic quality tape created for you that will knock their socks off.


I do same-day turnaround auditions in my Berkeley studio, or in your own home. In less than an hour, I can capture your best work, and get you a final product within hours. 

Check out some of my work!

Online Classes

My new flagship course on self-taping is now available on!

It's called The Self-Tape On-Demand Master Class, and you can read more about it on


Personality Slates

Personality slates are a new way for influencers, entrepreneurs and corporate thought leaders to establish and shape their online presence.

Basically, it's a trailer all about you, and the principles which guide you.  It's a way to help people understand the essence of the person you want to put forward online.

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