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Give the gift of NEW MONOLOGUES!

Do you have an actor on your list and you need a unique and useful gift? Well, the New Year is the perfect time for actors to unload those old, tired monologues and face the world with something new!

Having your monologues professionally filmed is a great way to make a powerful impression on Actors Access or on your Social profiles, and I'm offering my TWO MONOLOGUE PACKAGE for only $225 dollars until the end of the year!

They'll get a generous two hours of one-on-one studio time so they will be sure to nail that perfect take, shot under pro lights and audio on my  Blackmagic 6K Pro cinema camera, and their selected takes will be artfully colored, edited and prepared for immediate uploading and sharing.  I'll even throw in a free actor slate! 

After purchase, you'll receive a printable code that your recipient can use to schedule their own session in my Berkeley space.

This holiday, give a gift that will be truly useful in helping that actor on your list take their career to the next level!


All In
The Alibi
Sunset Baby
The Purge

For many actors just out of school or just starting out, one of the biggest hurdles they face is a lack of suitable content for their reel.

This creates the frustrating Catch-22 of needing to find professional screen work in order to create a actor reel that will get you professional screen work. Fun!

One way actors seek to overcome this hurdle is by seeking out student projects, and this does occasionally provide some good footage, but if you've done enough student films, you probably know that the vast majority of the resulting footage isn't really up to industry standards, and therefore doesn't present you in the best light.

Even landing a non-speaking role or getting a single line of dialogue on an established series isn't really going to show you as a capable leading lady or talented character actor who can handle a complex scene.

For this reason, I've developed a new package in which I will shoot and direct an entire scene with you and a partner of your choice as the featured performers, and record it with the highest level of cinematic quality. You can shoot a scene of your own devising, or I will provide one for you. We will then scout a suitable location, block and rehearse the scene, and do a full 4K single camera shoot with professional lighting and studio-quality sound.

The end result will be a scene that looks like it is pulled from an established tv series or film, ready to be used in your reel, or shared online in its entirety. 

What You Get
  • A fully edited, color graded scene with multiple camera angles and the highest level of cinematic quality. In 4K or HD 1080P.

  • Two to three clips pulled for inserting into showreel

  • Pre-production discussion (1 hour) to select scenes and discuss logistics

  • 1 full-day shoot, on-location (locations outside the Bay Area may incur extra travel expenses)

  • Fully licensed music that you approve (if needed)

  • Turnaround i7 to 10 days

Price: $1200 / 2 People
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