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The Self-Tape Master Class

Self-taping auditions can be a real headache.  If you’re not getting callbacks, or landing the roles you know in your heart you were right for, it’s possible that it’s not your acting ability that’s to blame.  It could simply be your self tape!

Maybe you’re struggling with the equipment - the lights, the audio, the backdrop. Or maybe you spend so much time and energy setting your gear up that by the time it comes to film, you’re already completely frustrated and drained.  Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of confidence yet in front of the camera.

Whatever’s holding you back, you should check out my new online, on-demand class “THE SELF TAPE ON-DEMAND MASTER CLASS”.

This is the same intensive class I’ve been giving live all over the country for the past five years - in MFA programs, talent and casting agencies, theater companies, private acting schools and one-on-one.

In this class I cover every single part of the process - from setting up your gear to submitting your work, and along the way I’ll explain not just what equipment you need, but why you need it.  And also what you don’t need.  We’ll take the mystery out of subjects like lighting, audio, backdrops, and on-camera technique.  Plus I’ll show you how to clean up, edit and submit your finished product.

Subjects covered include:

  • Lighting yourself like a Hollywood cinematographer

  • Capturing crisp, full, clean audio

  • Getting DSLR-quality results from a standard smartphone

  • Demystifying the backdrop

  • Framing yourself to best effect

  • Acting on camera

  • Strategically upgrading your kit on a budget

  • Editing and sharing your finished product


In addition, you’ll get unlimited access to the Member’s Only area of - where you’ll find Q&As, cheat sheets, checklists and my Self Tape Shopping List - a continuously updated list of all the equipment I have tested and recommend in my courses.

So if you’re tired of self-taping being stressful and confusing, check out the Self-Tape On-Demand Master Class”, and start making self-tapes that get you work.

"The skills and tools Adam equipped me with are ones that every actor should have."

- Ashley J. Hicks, Actor

NOW ONLY $59.95!


"Like many other actors “of a certain age”, the anxiety around  keeping up with the tech challenges that come with the now norm of self-taping had me in a constant sweat, bordering on depression.  After taking Adam’s class - Boom! - in one month (seriously!) I booked 3 gigs, including a feature and a pilot.  I’m positive that the relaxation I felt not having to freak out over the set-up helped me to be my best acting self. "

                   - Bettina Devin, Actor


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