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Video Pricing Should Be Transparent

So you've made the smart choice to invest in professional video production services, to make sure your brand is presented in the best possible light. The last thing you need now is to play guessing games on how much this is going to cost you!.  This is why we've arranged our services into easy to understand packages.  We're convinced your that most of your video needs will fit into one of these packages, but if not, we're happy to customize a project to fit your needs specifically.

Video marketing increases brand awareness, engages your audience and drives sales.

Brand Story Video Package


Your package price includes just about everything to complete your production from start to finish: planning, from ideation and storyboarding, to filming, editing, coloring and audio mastering, we will handle the entire film production process. Also included are royalty free music chosen specifically for your video, video stills (pictures) from your video for social media posting, and BTS ("behind the scenes") photos of us creating your video so you can post about how you've got a film crew working for you! The prices cover practically everything. A 7.25% CA sales sax is added on to the package price. Additional costs will be assessed at the time of our agreement for travel outside of the Bay Area, drone footage or any special footage that will require extra equipment and insurance, and hiring talent if necessary. 

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