Adam Elder

Based in Berkeley, CA, USA


Hi there!  My name's Adam.  I'm a filmmaker, cinematographer and editor living and working in the beautiful Bay Area of California.

In addition to my film work,  I also coach actors in self-taping and self-producing. Along with my colleague Lauren English, I've started a coaching & training company called The Actor Online, where we specialize in helping actors prepare for the growing online auditioning, and give them access to the world of self-produced content.

I'm available for individual online coaching too.  Most of my clients and students are actors looking to put together a decent, budget self-taping kit, and learn how to use it effectively for auditioning as well as filming their scenes and monologues. 


If you're a total newbie (no shame in being a beginner) I can usually set you on the right course in a single one hour session. Or if you've got some equipment, and just want someone to help you streamline your process, and maximize the quality of your output, I'm here for you too!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!