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Brand Videography for Creatives


My name's Adam, and I'm a filmmaker, videographer and editor from the Bay area in northern California. I produce narrative, educational and artistic content, and I have a particular passion for creating authentic and powerful brand story videos for people in the arts. 

"Adam Elder is a remarkable and dedicated video producer who is able to work in a wide variety of settings with speed, finesse, grace and wisdom. He puts his subjects at ease immediately and finds creative ways to capture events no matter how challenging the circumstances. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


Carey Perloff

Artistic Director Emerita of the American Conservatory Theater

"Adam is exceptional. His ability to edit together a sharp, bracing and exciting video that captures the goals of the company, artists and collaborators is at the top of his field. I cannot recommend him highly enough and believe anyone would be lucky to employ his services and talents for your personal film project or organizational needs."


Michael Moran

ArtisLecturer, UC Berkeley

Artistic Director, Oakland Theater Project


As artists and creatives, We all want to take advantage of the huge potential audience available through Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels.


But as creatives, it’s also important to us that our work is presented in a way that captures it’s beauty and artistry. We want the videography itself to be at the highest artistic level. But jumping into the world of video production and marketing can be really overwhelming, and on the flip side, it can also be daunting to reach out to professional video producers and marketers, as you can’t always be sure what the costs are going to end up being, and you also can’t be sure they will really understand what you do and be as passionate about it as you are.


This is why I have created simple packages for artists and creators. I want people to know exactly what they’re signing up for - how it works, what’s involved, what the costs are, and what they’re going to get - all up front. 


You don’t have to have a massive marketing budget or top notch videography skills in order to tell a powerful brand story online. 


I'm currently putting together a new package to help artists and creatives develop their own personal brand story, and tell that story with powerful cinematography!

Check back soon!

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